Development Services

AI chatbots system

Location: Canada

Industry: Marketing & Advertising


Project timeline: 3 years 

Techonology: ReactJs, Django/python, nodejs/express

Our role: Develop from scratch all sales pages, internal dashboard, AI builder, CRM integrations, server set up.




What customer

"The team is very professional, always reliable, and has excellent programming skill sets."

How does it work?

Customer types or speaks entirely in natural language to request customer service assistance. nmodes AI knows to ask for a unique customer ID verifies the data and delivers the fully personalized answer



What is nmodes?

nmodes is a conversational AI platform for sales and customer experience which will help to start engaging instantly with your customers. There you can choose from many ready-to-go conversations: account info, investment strategy, retirement plans, loans and credit cards, booking tickets, account editing, banking transactions, money transfer, and many more… Or create your own!

Ok, but is that all?

No! Now let us see the business interface. There, the business team can create, edit, and train their own AI. nmodes AI knows to query the Financial institution’s data source, extract relevant information, adjust conversations in real-time to ask correct questions and execute financial transactions. The results are displayed in a visual format.

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