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Aleannlab Live Chat: The fastest & friendliest way for businesses to capture website leads 24/7

Aleannlab is known for superior 24/7 virtual receptionist & intake services by phone. We can also capture leads, screen potential clients, and book consultations on your website all day, every day with live chat.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Development Company

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging technology with the potential to bring revolutionary changes in the way we accomplish tasks in the industry. AI enables entrepreneurs to offer a personalized experience and enhanced services.

At Aleannlab, we work with different industry sectors and offer the best-in-class AI development services using advancements of Machine Learning (ML), NLP (Natural Language Processing), and Big Data Analytics.

The ChatBot Features

    Live chat agents on duty 24/7

    Real-time lead qualification & intake with CRM integration for complete workflows

    Appointment & call-back scheduling with calendar integration

    AI technology powers automatic responses, real-time translation, and more.

    Payment collection with online billing and invoice links

    Instant chat transcripts via email. Contacts and chat conversations logged in your CRM.

Our Benefits


Our live chat software gets smarter as it interacts with your customers, refining your intake funnel to constantly improve lead qualification, converting more leads to clients. While other live chat services use scripts, our AI learns what's effective, and refines, helping live agents work quickly and accurately, or operating just as standalone AI software.


Other chat software products qualify... but still require you to close the deal yourself, which takes time you don’t have and forces clients to wait. Our live chat agents can book customer appointments, take payment, and best of all, get a human on the phone: Qualified leads can either get a call from our receptionists or you at any time of day.


Live chat is an online tool that allows businesses of all sizes to communicate with website visitors and potential customers via messaging 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rather than waiting for an email response, customers can simply open a live chat window and speak directly with a live agent in real time. Not only does live chat benefit the customer by creating a better customer experience, but it also benefits the business. With live chat software, businesses are able to:

- Capture and qualify incoming leads to boost your marketing ROI.
- Close deals quicker and more efficiently.
- Retain customers by providing easy access to customer service and sales teams.
- Respond to customers in real-time, thus making them feel valued.