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Solar Power Monitoring

Aleannlab developed an application that is simple, intuitive and convenient for solar panel owners to track their solar reproduction. Using it customers are always just a tap away from energizing a system, tracking an existing installation, and ensuring that they are up to date.


What we’ve made

• Displaying visualized energy graphs to reflect clear, digestible data at a glance for the users.
• Remote monitoring including the real-time display and functionality control.
• Battery management; enabling users to check the status of their battery and check the historical performance using a range of reporting tools.
• Allowing the users to share their solar reproduction to online platforms such as social media.
• Customers have access to customer service at their fingertips whereby messages will be sent via email.
• The application will be built to be compatible with any web browser.

- Geo location weather information.
- A monitoring graph that reflects the solar production on different days of the week.
- The solar production as of that day, in kWh Figure to represent how much money the customer has saved since the initial installation of the solar panels.

You want your entire system in real-time and to stay ahead of any customer issues choose Aleannlab's service. Keep everything under your control.

- Lifetime revenue (the amount of money the solar panels have saved the user to date.)
- Figures are broken down that reflect the money saved that day vs. month vs. lifetime.
- Environmental benefits:
trees saved, miles saved, carbon offset, and many other comparisons.

This could be accessed through a form that makes it easy for existing customers to plug in the details belonging to a friend/family/acquaintance, essentially people who might like to install a solar panel.