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Solar Power Monitoring

About IES Solar+

IES Solar+ is a mobile app designed to simplify and enhance the user experience around produces solar energy tracking. It challenges old tracking systems with its fresh and user-friendly interface, designed for people who like to keep productivity under control.

Remotee Monitoring Features

- Remote monitoring including the real-time display and functionality control
- Geolocation weather information
- The solar production as of that day, in kWh Figure to represent how much money the customer has saved since the initial installation of the solar panels
- Allowing the users to share their solar reproduction online platforms such as social media
- Remote monitoring including the real-time display and functionality control
- Battery management; enabling users to check the status of their battery and check the historical performance using a range of reporting tools
- Lifetime revenue (the amount of money the solar panels have saved the user to date)
- Figures are broken down that reflect the money saved that day vs. month vs. lifetime
- Environmental benefits:
trees saved, miles saved, carbon offset, and many other comparisons

Graphic Features

- Displaying visualized energy graphs to reflect clear, digestible data at a glance for the users
- A monitoring graph that reflects the solar production on different days of the week
- Comparing day, week, month, and year data
- Consuming energy data
- Lifetime produced energy

Perfect Design And Functionality

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