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Solar Tracker App


The Solar Tracker App


The goals we have to had to implement

• A date range selection for production and see how much energy the customer is producing over time.
• Displaying visualized energy graphs.
• Remote monitoring including the real-time display and functionality control.
• Customers have access to customer service whereby messages will be sent via email.
• The application will be built to be compatible with IOS and Android.
• Make the most out of companies' Referral Rewards program, and get a gift from every friend customer to refer that installs a solar array. That helped the company to earn hundreds of new Leads and Deals.


For a successful Solar energy company like Simpleray, it’s all about the customer experience, from equipment installation to producing clients' own energy, it drives the business and shapes success.
After the client parley, we decided to use a Zendesk platform, with data migration, a digital analytics strategy, and CRM integration were all considered vital for the Simpleray Solar APP, and the project’s success.
During the course of this successful eCommerce project, our team provided a wide range of technology services and digital solutions for making the client happy in promoting its product.

Key Benefits

• Creation of a quick-responsible product both IOS and Android versions that became to be a full cycle tracking APP for the company.
• Implementation of activity tracking forms for collecting service applications from customers.
• Implementation Zendesk CRM separated functionalities to collect system, management, and business data.
Aleannlab was also a part of the successful implementation of new development solutions for our clients in the USA. Supporting the app at all stages of development, and opening the way to attract new clients and leads for the company was also our merit.

The Result

• Design improvement due to the client requirements:
• Implementation of all features the client wanted;
• Integration Zendesk CRM clients to manage the APP functionalities and provide services;
• Displaying produced solar energy die to users in the compartment to past times producing;
• Separate tracking production and status of each solar element and the whole web of solar panels;
• User may have a few projects, so we made to life quick switching between the solar projects;
• Environmental benefits:
trees saved, miles saved, carbon offset, and many other comparisons