Dedicated team

The dedicated team model is very flexible. In an industry that is as fast-paced as technology, lack of flexibility means loss of opportunity and inability to implement new ideas.

A dedicated team is suitable for:

- Projects that are implemented quickly and expand.
- Big projects that you want to do even more. Your overarching team will work on more important, business-focused tasks while the augmented team does the extra work.
- Long-term projects with many tasks.
- Projects with a fixed real process.
- Companies that plan to expand.

Benefits of the Dedicated Command Model from Aleannlab

- Predictable and expected budget
- Finding a scope is not strict freedom, requests are subject to change at any time.
- Full control over team management
- Dedicated team members will have a deep understanding of the client's project and business goals
- Constant communication with the team through daily communication.
- Team of a stable and fully focused on clients' interests.
With the Dedicated Team model, we don't just promote the collaboration within the team of developers, but between the client and the team. This helps to make long-term planning more efficient. The team members are also more invested in contributing to the project, which helps to refine workflows, brainstorm solutions, and assess the strong and weak points of the process.

The team and the client are constantly brainstorming the best ways to solve the challenges and issues. Brainstorm sessions between the software team and owner are common to get visible results and to work more efficiently.