DevOps Services At Aleannlab

Aleannlab offers DevOps services that enable faster and more reliable software releases. We provide strategic planning and detailed road maps for developing as well as implementing DevOps for your business.


    Cloud Migration

    The larger and complex your firm’s current infrastructure, maybe it is harder to move to the cloud. We are a cloud migration consulting partner who can help you move your data with security and scalability.

    DevOps Consulting

    We offer DevOps Auditing and Consulting, Automation Services, Cloud Consulting and Implementation, Virtualization, Configuration Management, Container Technologies, Workflow Automation.

    Configuration Management

    Managing across the state IT infrastructure and apps to automatically rectify any configuration drifts, letting you more time to focus on core business and less time-fighting fires.

    Continuous Integration

    We help companies with continuous integration and continuous delivery services to safely build, test and release quality code using a variety of tools.

    Continuous Delivery

    We automate the process of delivering a software package to an environment to ensure its Continuous Delivery in the DevOps architecture.

    DevOps On AWS

    We are AWS consulting partner providing consulting solutions and approaches for implementing DevOps on AWS Cloud architecture for enhanced security.

DevOps Tools and Platforms at Aleannlab

Our DevOps Services will help you to deliver the best solutions according to your business needs. We use the best DevOps practices to enable proper project environments, daily commits and performance dashboards to bring predictability.


The most widely used project management tool allows teams to plan, track and release software efficiently by creating user stories, issues, and tasks, and using its reporting features. It also features scrum and Kanban boards that dev teams can start using right away.


Github is used for software development and version control. It has the facilities to make iterations on code quickly without having to commit whole files at a time. This allows quick debugging and rewriting of problematic parts of code easily.


Jenkins is a DevOps automation server that helps you automate the different stages of your CI/CD process by customizing it according to your needs.


Slack is not only a tool that you can use for communicating with your team, you can also track growth. Using Slack, you can create and manage leads, generate reports and improve customer engagement!

Our Phase-Driven Approach To Cloud Migration

    Cloud Assessment

    • Financial Assessment (TCO Calculation)
    • Security and compliance assessment
    • Technical Assessment (Classify application types)
    • Create a plan and measure success

    Moving Apps

    • Create AMIs for each component
    • Leveraging the cloud and other AWS services
    • Harden security
    • Leverage multiple availability zones

    Moving Data

    • Understand the different storage options in the AWS cloud
    • Mingrate file servers to amazon S3
    • Migrate MySQL to Amazon RDS

    Proof of Concept

    • Build a pilot and validate the technology
    • Test existing software in the cloud
    • Implement advanced monitoring
    • Optimize usage based on demand

Why Having A DevOps Partner Makes Sense?

Aleannlab provides value-driven DevOps Services & Solutions to its customers by leveraging DevOps practices. We have developed various solution accelerators to aid our customers to reduce risk, achieving increased automation, and reinforcing software delivery processes. We are flexible in working with platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or any other cloud platform. Our team of experts provides backup & disaster recovery, remote infrastructure management, application ops, and cloud consulting & migration services.