The specialists we want to promote:

- Project manager, or lead developer (TeamLead) - a leadership position that involves contact with the customer and interaction with other employees.
- Software developers are specialists responsible for creating digital projects. For example, a front-end developer creates the client-side of digital projects, a back-end developer is responsible for the server side, and a mobile developer is responsible for creating projects for iOS and Android mobile platforms.
- The designer (UX/UI) is responsible for creating a clear, functional, and ergonomic graphical interface.
- The tester (QA) is part of the development team and is responsible for the quality of the digital project.
- The marketer is responsible for market research and launching advertising campaigns.
- A copywriter may be included in the development team to create content and write technical documentation.
- The system administrator (DevOps) ensures the security and continuity of the project.

Services we can provide:

- Development of native and hybrid applications for iOS and Android;
- Creation of one-page SPA programs and web applications with a variety of functionality;
- Creation of online stores and e-commerce systems;
- Development of solutions in the field of accounting, logistics, and workflow (CRM and ERP systems);
- Setting up and launching self-written CMS systems and administrative panels of sites;
- Writing and launching web portals, corporate sites, and landing pages;
- Implementation of projects in the field of online advertising and marketing;
- Creation of server or cloud business projects in various industries (real estate, education, entertainment, recreation, and many more stuff.).
The best confirmation of our requirements and decisions of history are the successes of our clients and the differences in their business before and after cooperation with us. By choosing to cooperate with our company, you will be able to transfer the functions of your IT department to us. We will immediately connect you to the remote control tools of the outstaffing team, and you will be able to evaluate and adjust the direction of the work of the entire team or individual specialists at any time.