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React Native

React Native is our main framework for mobile development. Main reason why we use React Native – we love ReactJs, we have 7 years experience in react development. Big thanks facebook and react community for such great present like React Native.
React Native s actively used by such companies as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, The New York Times, Yahoo, Walmart, Uber, and Microsoft. This means ReactJs currently is the best framework for custom development.


React Native has biggest compunity in hibrit development comunity. Which gives you alwesome tested libs. Quick answers and support.

Fast development

Get working prototype withing 10 days??? No problem, with react native you can build Iphone/Ipad and Andoid app as fast as possible.


How about write onec and get working Andoind and Iphone app instead of burning money to keep two andoind and iphone teams? WIth React Native that is real.


Comparring to Native apps ofcourse react native is a bit slower, but trust us, you even won’t notice that. But if to compare with Cordova, Ionic and Flutter – react the best one.

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