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The expanding consumer and enterprise need for flexible engagements and pay-as-you-go models has triggered the popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) to soar.


SaaS Application Development

The demand for SaaS-based software is growing rapidly because of the various benefits it provides. Being a professional SaaS development company, Aleannlab delivers the most advanced SaaS-based products that can combine various moving aspects like mobile and web interfaces, dashboards, AI engines, and so on. We adhere to modern software development practices to deliver SaaS products, ensuring product quality and security. Our SaaS app design and development process delivers end-to-end software solutions, transforming your novel idea into a formidable and agile solution.

Why Does SaaS Product Development Need A Specialist?

    Continuous Upgrade And Deployment

    At Aleannlab, we help build a Data Science plan for SaaS companies to develop solutions backed with DevOps that provide continuous integration and a continuous deployment pipeline along with automated testing. These practices are vital for companies to maintain a competitive advantage. Through continuous integrations, we develop, test, and deploy code in numerous environments. By doing so, we get feedback rapidly and problems can be identified when they occur. Changes are not deployed until they are tested repeatedly. This early step in a CI/CD pipeline helps ascertain issues quickly.

    Scaling Up

    As the product reaches critical mass, it gets a sudden inflow of users and a need for highly complex computation. Your SaaS product has to be scalable since you cannot plan for growth without it. If you keep acquiring more customers while the product performance worsens, you will ultimately lose them. When you proactively plan to scale your product, it will function properly even after you expand your app functionality and customer base substantially, which will enhance your revenue.

    Management Of Subscription Lifecycle

    SaaS products run on monthly cycles and hence the traffic and nature of software usage can vary accordingly. Ideally, a subscription lifecycle should not end when a subscription expires. When a customer aims to grow by upgrading or simply renewing their subscription and receives any updates, the cycle goes on. A subscription lifecycle playbook provides more than a blueprint to retain customers. It acts as a training tool and a source of performance measurement.

    Iterative Development

    SaaS software development requires continuous testing and changes as versions continue to evolve. During the first iteration, the core feature set is created centred around the chosen architecture. Subsequently, new updates, improvements, and functionalities are integrated into that core. The extent of each iteration that follows is based on market feedback and continues to evolve.

    High Security

    The security of a SaaS platform is usually the development team’s onus rather than the end-users. Hence, SaaS platforms have to follow thorough security and compliance strategy. Data must be encrypted, stored with multiple backups and available with 99.99% SLAs.

    Multi-tenant Architecture

    Through multi-tenancy, your product can run several independent instances of the software tenants using a scalable and resilient architecture in a single ecosystem. The fundamental infrastructure is entirely shared and includes integrated services. Through the adoption of multi-tenant architecture, SaaS application development companies benefit from building a single source of trust, reduction of server infrastructure costs and better performance

SaaS Development Team

The number of members needed in the SaaS application development team will depend on the complexity of the SaaS product. You will need to hire a SaaS developer and fill the following positions in the development team to start the project:
SaaS product development involves a balance of good ideas, hard work, a pragmatic approach combined with idealistic thinking, and great organization.

At Aleannlab, we have a team with extensive hands-on experience in implementing SaaS architecture that delivers flexible, stable, and secure applications. If the need arises, we also use an IT staff augmentation strategy to fill in resource gaps.
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